The Right Gift for the Right Person


Thinking of new creative gifts for the Holiday season can be difficult. A great gift idea that keeps on giving, are monthly subscription boxes. These have become very popular, there are a lot of options for everyone!

The Craft Beer club:, each package includes 12 different types of beers for $42.00/month. You can choose between 1-12 months, and these shipments can also be mailed every other month or quarterly.

Graze:, a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly box that holds different types of healthy snacks. You can browse the different types of snacks they offer, tell them what you like, and based on your choices new snacks will be shipped to you.

Birchbox:, $10.00/month or $110.00/yearly. This subscription offers five different types of beauty products in sample sizes. This box gives people the chance to try out different products to make sure they like them, before buying a full size. If the subscriber finds a product they enjoy, they are able to purchase it right off the Birchbox website. This subscription box is also available for men.

Sprezzabox:, $28.00/month. This box for men will send 4-5 accessories like ties, accessories, socks, pocket squares, and one grooming product.

Popsugar box:, $39.95/month. A monthly box that includes full size products and an assortment of items from food, fashion, beauty, home, and more.