Importance of Sleep


Not getting enough sleep may impact you more than you think. By not getting the necessary amount of sleep your body needs, it could affect your metabolism, memory, mood, and even cardiovascular health, according to Harvard Women’s Health Watch. The publication states that without adequate sleep, your body will process and store carbohydrates differently, and alter the levels of hormones affecting our appetites. Not getting enough sleep may leave you too tired to do the things you love! This may also make it hard to concentrate at work or school, making it more likely to make mistakes. Loss of sleep could lead to moodiness, impatience, or irritability. Getting sleep will help to keep you healthy! Hypertension, increased stress hormone levels have been linked to lack of sleep and sleep disorders. Immune function is also affected by sleep deprivation. This is especially important during this Flu season!

Be sure to get a good night’s sleep each night to stay healthy!